The Children’s Hour


Performed in the
Milwaukee Entertainment Group’s
Subterranean Theatre at the Brumder Mansion

Written by Lillian Hellman • Directed by Dylan Sladky

Set in a fictional New England town in the 1930s, The Children’s Hour tells the story of two women who are unjustly accused of homosexual activity by one of their students: one Mary Tilford. The outraged community (prompted by the influential Amelia Tilford, an upstanding member of Lancet–who also happens to be the indulgent grandmother of Mary) quickly withdraws all of their students, causing a witch hunt that ultimately forces the school to close. Their lives quickly unravel as they become social pariahs. At its premiere, Hellman’s The Children’s Hour was a controversial piece that caused the author to be blacklisted. Today, it remains a haunting reminder of the horrors of intolerance.


Mary Buchel as Mrs. Amelia Tilford
Samantha Paige as Martha Dobie
Brittany Boeche as Mrs. Lily Mortar
Kira Renkas as Karen Wright
Ashley Retzlaff as Mary Tilford
Nick Hurtgen as Dr. Joseph Cardin
KyLee Hennes as Lois Fisher
Katrina Liberman as Evelyn Munn
Greta Dane as Peggy Rogers
Maddie Wakley as Agatha
Ellie Boyce as Catherine
Anna Lee Murray as Rosalie Wells
Madie Gellings as Helen Burton
Chance Wall as Grocery Boy

Performance Schedule

Opening Night, Closing Night, Performances:
Doors Open – 7pm | Curtain – 7:30pm
Doors Open – 2:30pm | Curtain – 3pm

Day Date Notes
Thursday July 19 PWYC – Preview
Friday July 20 Opening Night
Saturday July 21 Performance
Sunday July 22 Matinee
Friday July 27 Performance
Saturday July 28 Performance
Sunday July 29 Matinee



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