By JJ Gatesman

The next exciting original play written and directed by JJ Gatesman, The Beauty of Psyche, is a modern re-imagining of the myth of Cupid’s abduction of Psyche. A cast of 4 actors will use puppetry, stage illusions, and physicality to tell this epic story. Features original music by Amanda J Hull and Cole Heinrich.

The first act of the play will be presented at the Milwaukee Fringe Festival on August 26th at 5:00pm

The Arcade theater in the Underground Collaborative at Grand Avenue Mall will host the show on weekends September 6th through 15th at 7:00pm


Actor 1- Abigail Stein
Psyche: A fiery young woman of intelligence and drive.

Actor 2- Josh Decker
Boy/Eros: A god who finds himself feeling human emotions and rebelling from the norms of his people

Actor 3- Kellie Wambold
Pan: A puckish god of the earth who helps Psyche find her way
Mother: Psyche’s mother, a worried, superstitious woman manipulated by the gods

Actor 4- Audrey Thompson-Wallace
Rose- The goddess of Love, she views Psyche as a rival to her beauty, extremely jealous, loves her son Eros desperately
Unseen-God of the underworld, a former mortal turned god against her will.

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