Table For Three

An evening of three One Acts by Bill Jackson

COFFEE WITH DOUG Directed by Bill Jackson
December 8, 2018
Doug stops in a quiet, comfy little coffee house to have a big, stiff brew spiked with a shot, and proofread some poetry. A compulsive, nervous kinda guy named Buddy enters and after staring for a while, believes he has found Jim Morrison. Doug denies it; Buddy insists. Eventually, Buddy is so sure, despite the fact that Morrison died in Paris in 1971, that he goes off the rails as he did when he was a young Doors fanatic. In sympathy, confession, or just wanting the guy off off his back, Doug tells him why Morrison died.

NUT RING Directed by Erica Case
Lyla and her daughters, Katlin and Emma who get along like a mongoose and a cobra, are having tea when Lyla’s sister, Laura, arrives with a cherry walnut coffee cake ring for Lyla’s husband who is ill. The conversation turns to men and sex. They discuss it as they proceed to devour the cake.

IMMORTAL Directed by Robert A. Zimmerman
Ash is making Italian at home when his fiancé comes in from work and accuses him of keeping a critical secret: He is immortal. At first, Ash thinks she’s having him on. As they progress, it appears that Cassie is serious. He extracts the origin of this accusation from her but he still doesn’t believe she could possibly be serious. In genuine distress, she cries. He’ll do or say anything to make her stop. So he tells her about the curse of immortality. If it’s true.

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