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Speak Easy of Murder — Past Show

Written by Jane Cooper
Directed by Maretes Hein

Production Date: June 2012

Speak Easy of Murder -- it's a colorful story filled with colorful characters: lovers and gangsters, detectives and flappers.

Follow us down the carpeted stairs to the speakeasy and see for yourself...

There’s Mother Gunther over at the bar, setting out the wine glasses. That dame’s saucy as all get-out. Been around the block more than a few times, but believe me she gives as good as she gets.

The flapper in the sequined dress? That’s Amber Hartman. See how she’s working the crowd, flirting up a storm with all the gents. The Brumder’s just a stop on the road to bigger and better things for Amber. Broadway. Hollywood. Or so she thinks.

The kid making moon eyes at her is Danny Jacobs. Hard-luck case, that one. Grew up in an orphanage. Still has a chip on his shoulder about it. Good kid though.

The others you’ll meet later. Tony Miletti. Big-shot hoodlum out of Chi-Town. You won’t miss him when he shows. He knows how to make a big entrance.

Oh and Detective Reubens. What story set in a speakeasy would be complete without a gumshoe? But Charlie’s in over his head this time. He’s getting more than he bargained for tonight.

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