Live Entertainment in an Intimate Victorian Theater

Our New Entertainment includes
Love Letters, Flanagan's Wake, and "Art"

Coming February 10


Written by A.R. Gurney
Directed by Zach Thomas Woods

Starring Gladys Rhodes Chmiel and Tom Marks

Andrew Makepeace Ladd III and Melissa Gardner, both born to wealth and position, are childhood friends whose lifelong correspondence begins with birthday party thank-you notes and summer camp postcards. Romantically attached, they continue to exchange letters through the boarding school and college years...

Coming St. Patrick's Day


“Flanagan's Wake”
Conceived by Jack Bronis

Flanagan’s Wake is the hilarious interactive Irish wake that transports you to Graplin, County Sligo, Ireland, where you join the villagers in the telling of tales, singing of songs, and mourn the passing of one of your own: Flanagan.

Coming May 5


“Art” by Yasmina Reza

This dark comedy raises questions about art and friendship and concerns and the varying opinions of long-time friends, Serge, Marc, and Yvan. One of the men, indulging his penchant for modern art, buys a large, expensive, completely white painting. The reactions of his friends to his purchase creates tension in their friendship. For one friend, Serge's purchase of the painting is a cruel joke.

Coming June 9


“The Secret of Sherlock Holmes”
by Jeremy Paul

The Secret of Sherlock Holmes is a tribute to the remarkable friendship of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Divided into two Acts, it chronicles their friendship from the time of their first meeting in A Study in Scarlet, to Holmes's faked death in "The Final Problem" in Act I. Act II explores the strain on their relationship as a result of Holmes's deception, finally culminating in the revelation of the renowned detective's shocking secret.


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