For Immediate Release

Casso to Preview Upcoming Exhibit Tonight

Impressionist artist Pete Casso will preview an upcoming exhibit of his new work during an exclusive reception tonight at the Brumder Mansion. Casso’s meteoric rise to artistic fame is the result of rave reviews from most art critics around the world. His innovative technique and treatment of his subject matter has been called, “exhilarating, exciting and ahead of its time.” Casso will explain in detail the motivation and creative process behind his new masterpiece, “Black Cat at Midnight.”

The only major art critic to pan Casso’s work is Libby LaBelle whose column, ArtLIBS, appears in “The Graphic News.” Although she is based in New York City, LaBelle is expected to attend the reception and provide a critique of Casso’s painting in her next column. Known for her acerbic style and ability to influence opinion, LaBelle is regarded as someone with a great deal of impact on the careers of budding artists. She frequently includes comments about facilities, event planners, and even caterers in her critiques.

In recent columns, LaBelle claims to have uncovered the identity of an art forger who’s been selling bogus works to wealthy collectors. Suspense in the art world is building as LaBelle wrote last week that she will soon have the last piece of evidence to announce the name of the forger in her column.

Coordinating the reception for the museum will be Sharon Sharalike, owner of “Sharon the Excitement,” a New York-based event planning company. The cuisine will be provided by caterer Luigi Lambrusco, whose food service, “Cibo da Morire,” frequently works with Sharalike on special events. Both of them have owned previous companies that have gone bankrupt, but have made amazing comebacks to again work on spectacular projects.

Attendees have been promised the chance to meet and chat with Casso about his artwork. The reception promises to be one of this year’s premier events.