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Things aren't going so well for Lord and Lady Killington, are they old chap? I say, they couldn't have timed their re-entry into polite society any worse now. This being the 50th anniversary of those rather tragic deaths at the Killingtons' beloved Gloomethorne Manor Murdertowne Abbey, after all. Fifty years to the night, to be exact, but never mind all that, whot?

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Day Date Info
Sun Oct 26 Doors Open: 1:30pm • Curtain: 2:00pm
Thu Oct 30 Doors Open: 7:00pm • Curtain: 7:30pm
Fri Oct 31 Doors Open: 7:00pm • Curtain: 7:30pm
Sat Nov 1 Doors Open: 7:00pm • Curtain: 7:30pm
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