An action-packed, fun-filled dramatic-comedy,
set in the unlikely confines of a New York apartment.

Opening October 29th

“The Jealous Revolver: Episode 2”

Don't miss this entertaining noir drama set in the trenches of
the prohibition era — a rollicking, rambling, Milwaukee gem.

Coming in November

“The Jealous Revolver: Episode 3”

Rub shoulders with goons and Canaries sipping giggle juice in the speakeasy and enjoy the band as the next episode of “The Jealous Revolver” thrills you out of your seat.

Opens November 27th

“Return of the Heir”

In the Scottish Highlands of the 1960s, at the Estate of Laird MacKenzie and his noble family, the town has gathered for a Christmas Party to welcome home Alfie — the son and heir of the MacKenzies. An ancient lovers' quarrel follows, along with unexpected revelations, music, treats, and good old fashioned Holiday fun.

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